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Solenoid & Pulse Valves

General purpose  flanged solenoid valve, n.o

Solenoid valve , that work under 10 meter  up to 72 hour under water with ip68 coils. Valve body standart ptfe coated.

Actuators & Accessories

Atex pneumatic rotary actuators

Gas or hydraulic controlled heavy duty pneumatic actuators

Stainles steel body pneumatic rotary actuators

Process Control Valves

Pneumatic actuated angle seat valves nc/no

Pneumatic actuated double flanged butterly valves

Pneumatic actuated flanged connection stainless steel ball valves , 2/2way

Hvac & Naturalgas Products

Natural gas series solenoid valves, normally closed. Atex certificated gas solenoid valves normally closed. Naturalgas filters 

Shut off regulators input pressure

Hygienic & Sanitary Products

Hygienic pneumatic actuated butterfly valve for food contact

Hygienic butterfly valves

Hygienic actuated butterfly valves

Process & Automations Systems

Wireless communication control systems

Pneumatic control panels

Process and electric control panel box

Process automation systems applications

Pneumatic And Hydraulic Valve Group

Modular pneumatic valve block and mounting box

Manifold pneumatic direction valve ground connection

Panel type pneumatic directional control valve

Flow-Level & Pressure-Analysis

Flow switches

Flowmeters & flow measuring – controlling

Ultrasonic level switch and transmitter

Ultrasonic flowmeters

Level measuring & controlling

Magnetic level switches

Petroleum Pumps, Flow Meters, And Accessories

Mobile pumping

Rotary vane type pumps

Gear type pumps

Double diaphragm air operated pumps

Positive displacement flow meters

Nutating flow meter