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Hvac & Naturalgas Products

Natural gas series solenoid valves, normally closed

Atex certificated gas solenoid valves normally closed

Naturalgas filters

Shut off regulators input pressure

Atex certificated plastic body gas alarm device

Lpg and gasoline station gas alarm control panel

Atex certificated metal body gas alarm device

Electro mechanic earthquake valve

Actuated carbon steel natural gas ball valve

Pneumatic actuated monoblock carbon steel ball valve

Naturalgas carbon steel ball valves

Thermodynamic steam trap (condenstop )

Diffrential pressure switch

Home type pressure reducing valve for water

Servo motorized 3/2 way valve

Gas leak detector

Digital manomater for pressure measurement

Thermal camera for leak and fault detection


Hot water and boil tank water level controller , with level regulator 

Manometer for regulator pressure

Room thermostate

Mini motorized ball valve

Water leakage  solenoid valve for smart houses applications

Series propan & gas regulator